Writer’s Quiz:

  1. You wake up in the morning and have dishes in the sink. You . . .
    1. Leave them there and write.
    2. Do the dishes then write.
  2. You are sitting at your desk. You . . .
    1. Actively search out distraction by checking your email, Facebook, bank, etc.
    2. You write.
  3. You are writing and the phone rings (buzzes or whatever). You. . .
    1. Chuck the phone out the window.
    2. Look to see who is calling.
  4. You look to see who is calling. You . . .
    1. See it is no one on your “worry list” and ignore it.
    2. Answer it no matter what because you worry no matter what.
  5. You answer the phone because the person is on your “worry list.” After all, you love them dearly and you want them to come to no harm. You say. .
    1. “Why are you bothering me?”
    2. “Hey, what’s up?”
  6. The person on your “worry list” says he/she/it has a problem. You. . .
    1. Begin to think of ways to solve the problem.
    2. Say, “Is anyone bleeding out?”
  7. She/he/it says someone/thing is bleeding out. You say. . .
    1. “Stop the bleeding. Call 911.”
    2. “I’ll be right there.”
  8. They say, they’ve called 911 and are now headed to the hospital. You say. . .
    1. “Great. Sounds like everything is taken care of.”
    2. “I’ll see you there.”
  9. They say, “You don’t love me (or something louder and more abusive that means the same thing).” You …
    1. Feel guilty, go to the hospital, and hope you can write there.
    2. Say, “I love you by writing.”
  10. Instead of writing or going to the hospital, you. . .
    1. Check your email, Facebook, or bank.
    2. Take a quiz.