Brainstorm to Outline Video: Creating in Mindnode and Moving to Scrivener

Sometimes, maybe even often, maybe even always, starting with the  first word of your story is a difficult way to begin. We get started. We feel great. We follow that rabbit into a hole. And then we get stuck. We can’t go forward but we  won’t go back.

Mulling over, thinking, these are good. If our scope is small enough, we might be able to organize the whole thing in our head, but more often than not, best intentions aside, once we put pen to paper, once we begin the “linear” process of writing we become very micro oriented and we we lose our connection to the big picture.  This is one of the reasons, I feel, writers often feel that crushing blow as our  platonic ideal hits the hard reality of  language on the page.

Here is a way to produce a structure in a non linear way and then transfer it to your Scrivener writing program, a great program that I’d recommend to any writer.  It does take a little while to learn to use it to full capacity–which I still don’t manage. MindNode is the mindmapping software I use. That or similar software can be very useful for brainstorming–anything that doesn’t focus us on the linear sentence level. In the old days, we brainstormed.  Then we used index cards. I mean, I didn’t, but that was because I knew better.  I do this now. Thanks Mike and “A Better Mess” for this.